This week in Transparency/Accountability

Great work on data immersion programs from the UK ODI

Broaden, deepen and connect data – the OKF conference 2013 will be Sept 17-18th in Geneva

UK joins the 0.7% club. “There is no peacetime precedent for a 37% increase from one year to the next in the budget of a UK government department.”

Alan Hudson on phantom firms and dodgy deals

Interesting, controversial article on ‘why the rich don’t give to charity’

Critiques of ‘open’:

Steve Song: “we see openness emerging as a western agenda with the implicit assumption that open = good and by extension more open = more good.”

Morozov: “For many institutions, “open” has become the new “green.” And in the same way that companies will “greenwash” their initiatives by invoking eco-friendly window dressing to hide less-palatable practices, there has also emerged a term to describe similar efforts to read “openness” into situations and environments where it doesn’t exist: “openwashing.”

And my take on the great work done by the US CTO Todd Park:


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