This week in transparency and accountability

From Dani Kaufmann at Revenue Watch Institute

Bono’s speech at TED now live

Sunlight foundation and their role in the global open government movement

Good article by Madrigal reviewing Evgeny Morozov’s latest book

My colleague David’s review of the ‘Check List Manifesto’

Good article on human use centered design not product centered design (with thanks to Rakesh Rajani for pointing it out to me)

ODI brief on governance and the post 2015 framework

Click to access 8261.pdf

Keep up to date on submissions to the Knight News Challenge on open government

Options for RSS reader now that (sic) Google reader is shutting down

International Budget Partnership’s super duper guide on how to plan for impact

Click to access Super-Duper-Impact-Planning-Guide.pdf

Is the development community un-interested in technology?

Dave Eaves on cyber warfare

and on lessons for hacktivists

And Alex Ross on leaving the State Department


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