This week in Transparency and Accountability

Really great blog by David Eaves on open data

“Look at CKAN and Socrata. Most people believe these are open data portal solutions. That is a mistake. These are data management companies that happen to have simply made “sharing (or “open”) a core design feature.

Another good article on open data: “open data only exists in relation to a broader information system that gives it meaning: open data as a thing-in-itself does not exist in the real world.”

From Open Data to Information Justice (v. 1.1)

And another great article, questioning the role that NGOs should play in the open data landscape – gather and publish data, or focus on advocacy?

Ethan Zuckerman on how to use the energy of election monitoring groups post-elections – get them to monitor infrastructure and services

What does the U.S. taxpayer get for that $50 billion? great post on IATI by Publish What You Fund US Advisor Rodney Bent …

The investees of Global Integrity’s TESTING 123 program are now announced. Nice idea in that they have few investees (5) and small grants ($10,000) so should be able to dig deep and provide real support.

Check out the Center for Global Development’s parallel Fermanagh Declaration, highlighting what success at the G8 could look like

Click to access FermanaghDeclaration.pdf

Interesting from TechPresident on NYC BigApps “re-inventing” the Hackathon


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