This week in Transparency and Accountability

Ivan Krastev’s new article on Transparency:
“It is people’s willingness to take personal risks and confront the powerful by daring to speak the truth, not the truth itself, that ultimately leads to change.”

Great article on tax transparency and how different countries have wildly different approaches to secrecy around tax and personal wealth

The above study also references this great Pakistani investigation, by the Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI), in coordination with the Centre for Investigative Reporting Pakistan (CIRP), turns out 2/3rds of Pakistani MPs surveyed did not pay their tax.

Also in a more skeptical/questioning vein, this
is worth reading
“[open] is not a politics geared towards specific changes, but towards change in general”

On and The Rules, interesting article in the economist.

FYI Interesting event coming up, tactical tech’s InfoActivism camp

And Liberation Tech’s Right to Information and Transparency in the Digital Age


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