This week in transparency and accountability

Great and easy to read background on the work of Open Corporates and why unique ID for companies would be helpful (and how they could be used in practice) –

T/AI are seeking feedback on the Opening Government publication, there’s a short survey (5 mins) to fill in here

O’reilly publication on open government now available in honor of Aaron Swartz:

Center for Effective Government views on what the second Obama administration should do on open government

More movement around opening up extractive industry contracts. Increasingly, I think contracts are a ‘silo-buster’, ie you open them up, you help open up a number of sectors (e.g. extractives, infrastructure, land deals etc.)

More on the silo-busting topic, and why IATI is also relevant for climate finance:

Is there a global anti-corruption movement? Anne Applebaum thinks so (older post, but I’ve been mulling over this with some colleagues, more soon)

And last but not least, the release of the 2012 Open Budget Survey,  with a very cool data explorer powered by our friends at the Open Knowledge Foundation

On the ‘to read’ list:
Rajkumar, A. and Swaroop, V, “Public Spending on outcomes: Does governance matter?”, Journal of Development Economics, 86 (2008), 96-111


2 thoughts on “This week in transparency and accountability

    • Yes! Well spotted, I hadn’t intended the summary to being exhaustive, but you are of course right that I should have mentioned, none the least because of the great new data explorer which really helps get to grips with the data I think.

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